Thanks for meshing…

Finally, I did it. I started a blog.

Now that everyone’s talking about web 3.0, I figured I should at least jump on board with the 2.0. What can I say, I was mesh-inspired;)

Yep, I just got back on Sunday from Toronto after spending an incredible time at the mesh conference. I can’t even begin to explain how much I got out of those two jam-packed days. Although embarrassed to admit, it was only about a month ago that I figured out what RSS feeds and podcasts were. (I seriously feel like I was left under a rock during those university years). Although I’m working a bit on social media right now with my job, I wanted to go to mesh to do just that – mesh. And that I did.

Although the content was great (for the most part), the networking was fabulous.

To all of you that I met last week:

I loved all of our conversations, whether it was about web 2.0, social and environmental change in business, starting a business, the education system (which I will most definitely comment on on a later post), or about just being passionate about something—thank you. I wish you all good luck with your future endeavours and I hope to stay in touch. You can always contact me here on this blog, at, on LinkedIn or even Facebook (that also will be another post;)


One thought on “Thanks for meshing…

  1. Greg says:

    I agree, the content was for the most part pretty good, but the networking and sharing of ideas was the highlight.

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