Facebook to LinkedIn OR LinkedIn to Facebook?

Oh god, my 5th post and I’m talking about Facebook….how original!

I’m 22, still young in a lot of ways, still naive, still growing up and still have a lot of learning to do.

Not that it’s a big step, but I took one step a couple weeks ago. I deleted all of my ‘inappropriate?’ pictures from Facebook.

I’ve been an avid Facebook user since about April of last year. At that time, I was living the life in the beautiful city of Lyon, France. That year, I traveled a lot, partied a lot and ate a lot of great cheese with wonderful Cotes de Rhones wines. As studies slowed (who am I kidding though… it was always slow!) I became addicted to Facebook. I connected with friends from elementary, high school, dance etc. It was amazing. I also posted and got tagged on some pretty awful “university-life” pictures. Although I knew that all of my friends could view my pictures, see my wall etc., I really didn’t care. “Meh, they’re all my friends!” (yeah…. all 497 of them. – definitely not, but they were all university aged people for the most part)

This year, as I got closer to the finish line of University, I realize I needed to step it up a little and “grow up”. I attended a lot of networking events through school and on my own. Connecting with people is one of my passions in life, so, it was an obvious next step for me to join the ranks of the professionals in the “mature” social network- LinkedIn. I’ve loved it. It has given me the chance to show the world my “professional” self and connect with people that I wouldn’t normally connect with. (Check it out here and add me if you’re on it too and feel like connecting.)


The tables have turned. My LinkedIn contacts have added me to Facebook. Although I knew that it was coming, I can’t say I really enjoyed it. Mind you, I was the one who showed it off to my sister and her late-twenties friends….I didn’t realize that it would happen that my mom would now think about joining. (Although she wouldn’t- she’s so much more computer illiterate than even me!)

So point being: “my growing up” into the Linkedin world hasn’t really improved my situation. I’m still there, as my university-self (minus the many many ‘inappropriate’ pictures).

Even then, I have to say that I was contemplating getting rid of some of those pictures. Really, if you didn’t want to hire me because you saw that I liked beer, the question then becomes, do I want to work for you? Seriously. Someone once told me that they’re more afraid of hiring a student that had straight A’s than someone who had C’s and B’s. Why? Because they think that the person with the lower grades ‘lived a little’. So, for a good month or so, I held off.

So why did I do it?

I realized that I needed to grow up.


2 thoughts on “Facebook to LinkedIn OR LinkedIn to Facebook?

  1. Jay Godse says:

    I generally use Facebook for personal networks, and LinkedIn for professional networks. There is some crossover. I have rejected professional connections from Facebook.

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