The way marketing should work

A few weeks ago while in Toronto, I came across the best marketing campaign. It was an extremely hot day and I was walking around the city- with no sunscreen. Smart Jane. About 40 degrees, exposed skin after 10am and no protection. I’m usually really good about applying it but this time I didn’t even bring it to TO. So, I almost spent $5 at the grocery store on some cheap no-name brand. I walked out without buying it and felt awful….but then lo and behold….the best marketing campaign I’ve ever seen in my life.

L’Oreal was out there (Luminator sponsors) with two girls on the waterfront wearing backpacks full of Ombrelle sunscreen. I literally ran to them with my arms out. They couldn’t give out freely so instead, they were asking for donations for breast cancer research. They gave me a few squirts and off I went.

I loved it for 3 main reasons:

1. I got sunscreen (a product everyone needed)

2. Money went to a good cause

3. Amazing branding – I liked Ombrelle before, but now I’m even giving them talk on my blog:)

If you were walking on the boardwalk on a hot day, how could you say no to something you feel guilty about not putting on?

My friend and I walked away, protected:) and completely awakened to the way marketing should work.

For me, it’s always been a love/hate relationship with marketing. I love connecting with people and finding new ways to deliver a message that has value, but I hate marketing when it’s just marketing a product to just ‘market the product.’ It’s all about selling something that matters vs. just trying to squeeze a buck.

Marketing that’s driven by intrinsic value is something that I’m quite passionate about so I’m sure I’ll continue on the subject soon.


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