Where are the girls for the math geeks?

I went out for dinner with a good friend of mine a couple of days ago who I hadn’t seen for a while. As always, the conversation streamed into the inevitable “So, are you seeing anyone now?” “What happened to that French girl?” etc. etc. etc.

I’m most definitely not going to blog about my personal love life on this blog (I said that I didn’t know what this blog was going to be about, but it most definitely won’t turn into a personal diary!), but I thought I owed it to my friend to get his message out.

I told him that I love having good conversations with people and learning from relationships. Whether it’s about business, current affairs, history, politics, even (gasp) tech – I like substance in a conversation. This was one friend’s Facebook quote and I completely agree.

Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about other people.

But here’s his problem. He wasn’t a history major, he didn’t do politics or business etc.. his passion is math and economics.  This is where he stopped me and said “Would you still find it sexy if I talked to you about integrals and vectors?”  True true, I had never thought of it before. Not sexy at all. I hated math (like many women out there).   I have to say that guys in the math/engineering department have it kind of rough when it comes to the ladies. It’s well known that their programs are highly unequal gender-wise. The arts, commerce, even science boys  have better luck with their programs. And then when they’re out, they can’t always impress the girl with what they know because oftentimes (I’m just guessing but my friend’s stories validates this) what they’re passionate about is boring to the rest of us.

Of course conversation can always be about something else but it’s too bad that my friend can’t talk about what he’s really interested in.

This goes for everything.  One of my sisters is passionate about speech pathology. She’ll talk to the rest of the family about neurolinguistics and what our vocal chords do for certain sounds…. she keeps going and the rest of the family zones her out.  I didn’t realize how much it hurt her until later on she told us that it was unfair that I could talk about business, my other sister about the news (journalism) and she couldn’t talk about her passion.

Perhaps this is a lesson for everyone. Why don’t we stop and actually try to understand their passion? Even though you may not be interested, their passion could rub off a little on you and learning something new (or at least in a new way) is always a good thing.

So, for all you single ladies out there looking to expand their knowledge in math/economics,  my friend is smart,  well-traveled, just bought his own condo and single,  – email me at me@janeporter.ca and maybe I can play matchmaker:)

Enjoy the weekend and the jazz festival for all you folks in Ottawa.


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