Feist’s little back up dancer

For anyone that really knows me, you know that I like to dance/move/etc. I was a ballet/jazz dancer for 15 years and so I have it in my blood.

But…I used to be good. I was a trained dancer with the right techniques and I could turn, jump and be graceful. Now? I prefer to just ‘rock out’ as I say. Especially in the car, just bounce around moving my hands like I’m drumming in the air, shaking my head from side to side and mouthing the lyrics, (which I never remember anyways). I especially love it when we stop at a stop sign and I just happen to be rocking out to something like Alanis…

I haven’t completely lost the real dancing but I no longer practice it. So, when I used to dream of being a Janet Jackson back up dancer, I now dream of being a Feist back up dancer.

I’ve been a huge Feist fan since last year and my love for her music has just grown now that I’ve seen her videos. They make fun of the expensive/’over the top’ music videos and just bring back the plain old fun. Her videos are inexpensive and the dancing is amazing…amazingly hilarious that is. When I think back to the music videos that I liked best (or at least made sure to stop and watch) it was usually the ones that were made on the cheap. Think of Praise You by Fat Boy Slim or Alanis’ Morisette’s Ironic. Both were extremely cheap but great creative marketing. When artists can grab your attention without paying the big bucks to do so, that’s entertainment.

Take a look at Feist’s videos, I’m sure you’ll all rock out too. And if any of you have the ins with Feist, if she’s ever looking for a dancer, please drop my name;)


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