Tips from Rwanda : let’s clean up

My best friend is currently in Uganda with GIVE International. I’m so very proud of her because she’s doing something that she’s incredibly passionate about. And, following your passion is what I’m passionate about:)

The piece below is of her trip to Rwanda. I wanted to share this one because I too was shocked.

Also – I was shocked at how clean everything is here. It’s been such a shock compared to Uganda – where garbage is thrown everywhere, animals and their feces little the streets – grown used to it, and I think it adds to Uganda’s charm in a way – but entirely different from Rwanda. At the border crossing we had to remove all of our plastic bags as they aren’t allowed in the country (you could buy paper bags for 100 fr – about 20 cents American each). Also on Saturday – we were here for this monthly event (I think the first Saturday of every month) where the whole country stops until mid-day to clean. It was so bizarre – no one can drive and virtually everything is shut down as everyone is supposed to go out and clean the streets. Even this morning I woke up at 6 and was reading on the balcony and there were people cleaning the streets. Even the poorest of the poor seem to ensure that their yards are well kept and tidy. It’s beautiful – and really makes a difference. Phenomenal country to visit – more expensive than Uganda though.

Makes you think eh? A place that has had so much pain, destruction and despair can have so much care for their land that they all work together to make a change.


One thought on “Tips from Rwanda : let’s clean up

  1. Jay Godse says:

    This works well in a small densely populated warm country where labour is abundant and cheap, and the situation gets disgusting quickly if you don’t clean up. From that point of view, la République Rwandaise is everything Canada is not, and I don’t think that such an initiative will fly here.

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