method products – bringing it home

I’m still quite entranced by this product. I just read some more on the environmentally stylish cleaning products and realized that I’m completely in line with their passion. After my blog, I actually had to give the marketing person there a kudos on a job well done. They kindly wrote back with thanks.

This interview is taken from an article from Scene and Heard.

“Traditional environmentalism is dead,” typed Balton in an email interview. “That approach to environmentalism focuses around sacrifice and trade-offs. What’s good for the environment is bad for the economy/business. I believe a trade-off is just a symptom of bad design, and this traditional approach is too stodgy, too dogmatic, and frankly, too depressing.” BANG ON.

She went on to type that the “new environmental movement will be led by entrepreneurs, not policymakers … Whether it’s a concentrated laundry detergent or a hybrid car, when an innovator dares to bring a product to market and make it successful, one that changes consumers’ perceptions of what a green product is, then change begins to happen. Little by little, environmental problems will be innovated away, not regulated away.” COULDN’T AGREE MORE. PUMP UP THE R&D! (and marketing maybe;) I’ll need a job… )   – however….I still think that we’ll need regulation for the late majority.

So, since my values are so inline with this company’s, I tried to order the starter kit online the other day, but who knew that the UPS Canadian Economy charged so much! Method’s $28 starter kit soon became $74 USD due to the high shipping charges. Same thing when I tried to buy my girlfriend the gDiapers. Here was their message

To our friends in Canada: On May 14, the US Postal Service changed their shipping rules and charges for packages going to Canada. As a result, the cost of shipping our product to you has increased dramatically, as you can see below. (The good news is that shipment will now reach Canada in less than 10 days.) Please understand we are working hard to find a new, more affordable option for you. In the meantime, the higher the dollar value of your order, the lower the shipping charges will be as a percent to the total. So combining orders or stocking up will help for now. Again, our sincere apologies for this inconvenience and know that we’re hard at work on a solution. – the team at gDiapers.*Canadian orders are subject to GST and PST in addition to a $5 Canadian handling fee to Canada Post.

Good news though. I believe you can buy method products at Shoppers, Home Hardware and Home Depot. Here’s hoping.


3 thoughts on “method products – bringing it home

  1. Mike Stark says:

    Have one of your friends south of the border bring it in when they visit you. Also, what will it cost to ship to Finland! 🙂

  2. Jay Godse says:

    Hi Jane.

    When folks like you create enough demand for such products, the vendors will try and find a more efficient distribution channel. In the interim, keep the faith!

    Cheers, Jay

    P.S. At least the almost-naked people in your blog are getting better-looking.

  3. Maggie Smith says:

    Love this product as well!! I have been using for the last 2 years since PETA featured it on their website. There product line has diversified so much that you do not need to look for any other environmentally/ethically safe products from different companies. it is a struggle in thunder bay to find one store that carries the entire line. In Thunder Bay they carry it at the shoppers locations and safeways but even one shoppers locations doesn’t carry all the same products as the other locations. It is a great product though and more people are begining to use it. It should only be a matter of time before it is carried more consistently in more stores!

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