Follow up: Rapleaf, Finland and reflectors

Ok, so a few hours after my last two posts I have follow ups:

1. First and foremost- go to Matt Roberts‘ blog to read about his email correspondence adventures with Rapleaf when he tried to opt-out.

2.My good Finnish friend read my email and called right away to straighten me out on a couple things. Aside from laughing and being somewhat annoyed that I published her washroom on the internet, here were some of her comments:

-the allowance hasn’t moved for 14 years, so based on what the gov’t money is supposed to cover (i.e. living expenses while studying), it doesn’t anymore. I get it – we just have totally different government social systems (not to mention values towards youth and education)

-students don’t usually recycle – not too convenient (I beg to differ…) but families always do

Oh and one more thing that I forgot to mention:

It’s illegal to walk in the dark (majority of the day, if not the entire day in the winter) without reflectors on. It has to be out of your pocket, on your bag or something.

C’est tout.

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