Quick updates from Finland

Ok, just a quick one. (Gotta catch up!)

Here are some interesting things from my new home in Finland that I thought I could share:

  • looks like Thunder Bay – forest, lakes etc.
  • my walk to school
  • every single person in Jyvaskyla owns a bike and rides it everywhere – the bike trails are amazing! (I myself will be included as one of those people shortly)
  • some pretty small bathrooms…

  • surprisingly, they don’t recycle plastic – unless you drop it off at certain super markets – but when you do recycle it, you get something like 15 cents for it
  • more surprisingly, all of the finnish people that I know don’t recycle at all it seems (or very little)
  • education is free + Finnish students get 400 euros each month for living expenses allowance each month is still small
  • Students will be students….the Finnish students protested last year that the student allowance of 400 euros should be raised, so parliament raised it. (I was shocked… but their philosophy on education is completely different, and not necessarily in a bad way)
  • I can take as many classes as I want in whatever field and I don’t have to pay a cent

I’m sure there is so much more to say but that’s it for now.

Oh, but I wanted to share something else. You know how most orientation programs get a rock band or something? Guess what we got? A male choir. But… it was the best damn male choir I’ve ever seen. Hilarious (but would have been better had I understood the language!)

Take a look.


One thought on “Quick updates from Finland

  1. Mike Stark says:

    Sounds like a great start, keep posting

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