Rapleaf changed their privacy policy

Wow. There are amazing benefits in being part of the blogging world.

Update on the last posts about social network privacy: RapLeaf has changed their opt-out policy.

Read their blog about how they’re changing their privacy policies. (Note the part on opt-outs)

In retrospect, this doesn’t make sense, as highlighted by Matt Roberts. Since we’re already removing information off the Rapleaf.com site when we get an email, we should just delete the information. So we amended our privacy policy to make it much easier to get out of Rapleaf’s system if you want to.

You know what? Still can’t say I like their business model but I do give them props for being transparent. Their blog post is even entitled: Start-ups, privacy, and being wrong. You can’t really hide in the blogosphere I guess. This change in policy made me realize the power bloggers actually have. I knew the bigger bloggers have more say, but who knew that little old me could instigate something too? (Well…through Matt I guess) Matthew Ingram has a post on it as well.
On a personal note:

Just had my first sauna in Jyväskylä. It was beautiful..small serene lake in the middle of nowhere. There’s nothing more refreshing than getting steamy from a hot sauna and jumping in a cold lake:) Reminds me of home.


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