Lessons from Dad

“If you can do something about it, do it. If you can’t don’t worry about it.”

That phrase is one that my Dad said to me often, and it is one that I live by. (It works quite well when you’ve just lost something that you know you can’t get back!)

Anyways, it comes to mind while I’m doing my studies.

There are so many terrible stories we hear day in and day out. Be it about the environment, human rights etc.

I’m more focused on the environment right now (readings for Environmental Science) and I’ve seen numerous case studies, examples of products/systems that could replace old, less-environmentally friendly ones.

Some of the great inventions/ideas are:

  • sustainable sewage systems
  • sustainable housing projects
  • eco-friendly funerals
  • micropower projects

many more but I’m in a rush to go on a boat cruise:)

We have the knowledge about what’s wrong with the environment. We almost have info-overload!

We have a lot of clean technology available for providing the solutions

We have the spark (or so it seems) to get things moving. – i.e. never has the environment been in the picture in this capacity before. People have passion in them to make a change, I’ve heard them talk about it. I’ve listened to their stories. We just now have to find a way to really get the “ACTION” ball rolling.

So, in terms of “If you can do something about it, do it. If you can’t don’t worry about it.” We can obviously do something about it.

To quote my Dad once again: “A problem is just an opportunity in disguise.”

i.e. Lots of problems = lots of opportunities.


One thought on “Lessons from Dad

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