How do you inspire ACTION?

Just continuing my thoughts on getting the action ball rolling…

How often does this happen to you:

You read something terrible (or inspiring!) on the news and you get that itch to go out there and act on it.

I feel like what we’re missing is the outlet for people to act on their emotions.

Think about it… what “outlets” do we have?

I get pretty disappointed when I see the options:

  • Give money to a cause
    • We can’t always be philanthropists, especially those with no income… (i.e. me)
    • Plus, giving money to causes gets tiring – everywhere you go, someone’s trying to take a piece of the philanthropy/charity pie – and I don’t see it getting any bigger…
  • Write a letter to someone who cares (i.e. media, government etc.)
    • Can’t say letter writing is the oomph that makes something roll…
    • And essentially, you’re just passing on your opinion to someone who will hopefully act on it. So, again…not exactly action.
  • Research the cause to become more knowledgeable about it
    • Yes, this is important, but nor is this equal to actual ACTION.
  • Buy the product/service
    • If it’s a valuable product/service that’s a start but I wouldn’t label being a consumer taking actual action either.
  • Change personal behaviour
    • This is true action and the most difficult. I think all disciplines have something on this topic.
    • Also, unless that person is a connector (quoting Malcolm Caldwell’s Tipping Point theory) – the action is limited to stay within his/her personal bubble. Good, but not good enough for spreading the action to the mass market.
  • Do Nothing
    • The most obvious and most common answer and of course the one with the least impact

Now, I’m not saying that you have to act on everything, but there should be better outlets for people to actually DO something. Like I said before, I seriously think that our society has the intellectual capacity to solve a lot of today’s issues (and tomorrow’s for that matter), but we’re missing a huge key to the solution: the action aspect.

This is where smart marketing comes in. We need better marketing to the mass market to make society understand how best to do their part in making this world a better home. Thoughts run through my head on this topic daily. It’s still a fuzzy picture but hopefully someday I’ll do my part on taking action too. I’ll keep you posted when that glorious day comes;)

On a personal note – Finland is starting to feel more like home. Yesterday I finally got a bed (only a mattress before) and curtains. Tonite’s sleep should be good. So, hyvää yötä everyone!


3 thoughts on “How do you inspire ACTION?

  1. James says:

    “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
    – Mahatma Gandhi

  2. scottfusco says:

    James hit it!!!

    This is a topic that I think about frequently. One of the easiest ways to inspire people is simply to be a model of that change.

    Shifting society as a whole is more complicated but not impossible. First of all, the more people that commit themselves to becoming models, the more people that will be out there influencing people on a day to day basis.

    A big part of changing the world is simply raising people’s awareness of what is possible rather than accepting what they perceive to be true about the world.

    One last point – changing personal behavior isn’t as hard as you might think. If you focus on shifting your orientation to an idea (i.e. how you think of it/place value on it), your behavior will naturally shift to become congruent with your new orientation.

    I think you might like my blog, we seem to think similarly.

    Scott Fusco
    Personal development coach

  3. […] got a lot of work to do and it doesn’t help when we leave it to our spare time to volunteer or donate here and there to “a cause”. We need to WORK. And we need to build […]

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