Clean. Neat. But is it toxic-free?

Good article in the Globe.

Calling on the professionals to detox the house

Canadians are circulating fresh air into their homes with the help of chemical consultants who sniff out potential toxic hazards.

My contention is that this industry is about to get a lot more attention.

The environmentalists will flock (or are flocking?) to this issue, but as for everyone else? While the environment is a public good, health is a private issue – take care of yourself.

I’ve blogged about them before, but Method says it best:

To get out and fight dirty, take deep satisfying breaths all day and sleep easy at night. We’re the kind of people who’ve figured out that once you clean up your home, a mess of other problems seems to disappear too.

It’s also my contention that Method’s sales will be going up;)


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