Gladwell, telling it like it is.

Wow, I feel like I’m a Globe fanatic. So nice to read about Canada though!

Today’s Globe had an interview with Malcolm Gladwell. I’m a big fan of both Tipping Point and Blink. He’s commonsensical (yep, it’s a word;) and he always manages to find the most compelling of arguments to support his theses.

I’m showcasing it here because it actually touches on many of the topics that I’ve talked about (i.e. we need more math! labour crunch, smarter people – ok perhaps I haven’t blogged too much about that yet but it’s been in my head)

I hope the government listens though and beefs up our education system. Mind you, I have to say that school back home was much harder than the school here (at least for the moment).

He also, points to the way the web should be. Call it web 3.0, or whatever you want but he’s right. We need to start getting smarter about weeding out the crap and getting access to the right info.

How do you see technological advances changing the workplace in the coming years?

I don’t know. That’s the kind of question I think one only embarrasses oneself by trying to answer. But I know that the next problem we need to solve is, we have given people virtually unlimited access to data, to information; the next question is, can we give them better tools for making sense of that information?

In any case, thought it was a good read.

Finland updates: Feeling settled, had a great sauna/potluck dinner on the weekend, school is good and I’m learning more languages! Slowly but surely I’m picking up the Finnish, I’m taking Spanish on the side with the help of a girl from the Canary Islands and in the winter I’ll be taking beginner Chinese. Should be fun.

Hyvää yötä!


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