Hey Entrepreneurs! Let’s start connecting the dots.

Great post over on the Instigator Blog on How Entrepreneurs Can Save the World.

It’s great to read someone else’s thoughts and realize that they correspond seemingly well with your own. It makes you feel like you’re not so in left field…

My thoughts on it? Perfectly stated, but I just added that we need to start connecting the dots. We’ve already got the problems. (We’ve got many of them!) And we’ve got great entrepreneurs. Let’s start fixing the problems that we have already and stop contributing to them.

(p.s – that’s Archimedes sitting in the bath. I thought this was a suitable picture for the post considering the term😉

For the Generation Y’s:

Scott Fusco added the comment that he thought the topic was very targeted to the Gen Ys. I agree and I’m one of them.

So for all the gen Y readers (perhaps you Facebook readers?) that are itching to start your own business, read the article and just think about the business possibilities.

People try so hard to make “interesting” business models with new technologies and new “solutions” that will solve problems that never really existed in the first place. (i.e.  infomercials anyone?)  Just take a look around! There are opportunities everywhere we look. From the way we package our fruit to the way we flush our toilets. (Great analogies eh?)  Smart solutions are needed. 

I hope to see more of these eco-entrepreneurs become millionaires and lead the markets in the future. It’ll be interesting to watch.


One thought on “Hey Entrepreneurs! Let’s start connecting the dots.

  1. scottfusco says:

    Hey Jane,

    I appreciate the linkback. I added your site to stumbleupon about a week ago not because you linked me but because I generally like your content and feel you have a lot of value to add.

    So keep plugging away and congrats!

    Scott Fusco

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