“Zero is the new black” – Seth Godin meets No Impact Man

No Impact Man has a lot of good posts, but I particularly liked this one with Seth Godin (the marketing guru).

(From Seth’s)

The richest and best-educated people in our economy are shifting, and pretty quickly. They’re just as willing to spend money as they always were, but now it’s not focused on fancy organic stuff at the Whole Foods Market or giant bulletproof cars from Germany or private jet travel. Instead, the market is trying as hard as it can to spend time and money without leaving much of a trace.

I think this story has legs and is going to be around for a long time. Zero is the new black.

This is what I like to see. Marketing meets sustainability. Good news for me. I’ve got my niche interest and it looks like its growing.

However, black will never go out of style. I love my little black dress.


One thought on ““Zero is the new black” – Seth Godin meets No Impact Man

  1. […] later on we’ll be on to the next big thing. As I just mentioned, even Seth Godin wrote that “Zero is the new black”. Well, if that’s the case then it begs the question : if conservation is a style, will go out […]

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