GREEN, ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY: Are these words starting to annoy you?

Funny that I should write about this since these words appear in almost every post I’ve written so far…

People say that perhaps this “Green Movement” is just a fad. That it’s cool now but later on we’ll be on to the next big thing. As I just mentioned, even Seth Godin wrote that “Zero is the new black”. Well, if that’s the case then it begs the question : if conservation is a style, will go out of style?

In a way, it has to. The media will get tired of this green talk and it’s unrealistic to think otherwise. Already, I’m someone who you could hypothetically call a treehugger ( is one of my favourite sites and I am taking two years to study environmental mgmt) and even I’m starting to see how these words are becoming trivial…

However, does that mean the concept will disapear and people will go back to consuming like before – forgetting everything that we know now about the disasters that lie ahead of this irresponsible way of living?

I don’t think so.

Think back to when we’ve gone through other so called social/cultural/business revolutions … did we forget the lessons? or did it just become commonplace and so not discussed as much?

I think (or hope) we are headed towards a “sustainability age” where we think twice about what consumption really means and start fixing up some of the problems that we’ve created in the past.

But… I think we can do that without all of the “green” talk. It should just become the ordinary and business as usual;)

On another note, perhaps this “Green movement” just needs some new marketing – something to shake up the message a little bit so that it strikes a chord with people who are getting peeved with the so-called “green washing”. Whatever people come up with, the message is important and that’s what I care about.


2 thoughts on “GREEN, ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY: Are these words starting to annoy you?

  1. Jay Godse says:

    Over the years, since the mid-1970s anyways, environmentalism has gone in and out of style. In the mid-1970s we were on the dawn of a new ice age. Now we’re in global warming. In the 1970s, Lake Erie was dead and DDT was going to kill off the eagles and falcons. Today it is other species. Acid rain was the big bugaboo in the 1970s. Air pollution was awful in the 1970s, which lead to emission standards for vehicles and industry. The air is now much cleaner in modern economies. China and India are now seeing the need for emission standards…

    In the 1970s we were going to run out of oil, and fuel-efficient Japanese cars were all the rage. In the 1980s and 1990s we had cheap oil and gas guzzlers were back in fashion. Today, the Asian economies are sucking up all of the oil, making it expensive again, and fuel-efficient hybrid Japanese cars are all the rage.

    i.e. Environmental issues do go in and out of style.

    Each generation produces its share of environmental idealists. Eventually they go on to have jobs, families, mortgages, etc and the environmentalism is pushed aside. However, some of it sticks. Since my youthful environmentalist days, we have emission standards for cars, S02 scrubbers in power plants to reduce acid rain, laws against leaf-burning in the fall, publicly funded composter programs, paper, can, and bottle recycling pickup with garbage, mulching lawnmowers, low-flow toilets and showers, better designed toilets that use less water, heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps, solar cells, electricity from wind farms instead of coal plants, no new nuclear power plants in many parts of the world, almost no nuclear bomb testing, CFC/LED lights, solid-state TVs (as opposed to using diode/triode tubes which use a LOT of power), iPods instead of Sony Walkmans and tapes (wonderful back then but much bulkier than iPods), DVDs and PVRs instead of VHS tapes, online magazines instead of print magazines, etc.

    People start thinking about solving sustainability problems when they have to pay the bills. High oil prices drove popularity of hybrid vehicles, high-efficiency furnaces, etc, and each wave or generation of environmentalists have an effect, depending on which cost factors hit them personally.

  2. sara says:

    hey it is very good to save the plant because we got to think for the future and im just 11 years old and i no a lot about saving the earth so add me on that is my mns but i will tell you a lot and if you want to can tell me what you know about saving the environment + earth
    thank you

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