chez moi and reflecting

Ahh, and back to Jyvaskyla. The sun is shining in Finland again. Colder, but so much more beautiful. I know I already gave a bit of an update on my travels but now that I’m back and reflecting on the last 20 days, I have a few more comments to share.

Lyon, France

  • I became Finnish – didn’t say ‘bonsoir’ to people in the hallways … just awkward Finnish dodges.
  • My French completely came back. My thoughts, dreams were all in French.
  • Even the French hate their administration
  • I have no idea how the French are going to handle the new anti-smoking laws that came into force on Jan. 1st. I’m glad I caught the end of la vraie France;)

Savonlinna, Finland

  • Every Mom likes a little help in the kitchen🙂 
  • Honour Christmas with your ancestors and people that have passed – strange but the graveyard is the most popular place to be on the 24th – well, strange at first, but kind of enlightening upon reflection (why do graveyards need to be spooky and only thought of as a place for mourning or for Halloween?) It’s beautiful too – all lit up with candles.

Helsinki, Finland 

  • Great people, great city.
  • Aside from the many philosophical, deep conversations with new friends…  my “Ali G is Borat!” probably took the cake;) 

Tallinn, Estonia

  • A quick trip all by your lonesome is good for the mind and the soul🙂 
  • The mix of old (medieval old town) and new (one of the fastest growing economies of the old Soviet Union) is stunning and thought provoking.

 I guess the most amazing part though is that you learn something new with every new friend that comes along, and you always learn a little more about yourself when you allow yourself to be alone with your thoughts.

That was probably the best gift this past holiday. 


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