Mass collaboration on climate change; you tell ’em Tapscott!

Interesting read from one of my favourite authors (well, to be honest, only read one book…) – Don Tapscott, author of Wikinomics is blogging from Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum (interesting things going on there too)

Yesterday’s post in the Globe and Mail is scary but empowering.

One observer — Most people in this room will not be here in 2050. It made me think that Thomas Friedman was right — an act of stewardship is required. I think it is clear from the discussion that there is a crisis of leadership on this issue. We need to mobilize the world, and the Internet is the linchpin. For the first time we have one affordable, global, multi-media, many-to-many communications system, and one issue on which there is growing consensus. Climate change is quickly becoming a nonpartisan issue and citizens, businesses and governments each have a stake in the outcome. Indeed, the global consensus emerging on climate change is that solving the crisis will require leadership from every country and every sector in society. The “killer application” for mass collaboration may be saving planet earth-literally.

Couldn’t agree more…

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