Can’t locate Payless Shoes?

Not sure what’s more disturbing: the fact that 6 out 10 Americans can’t locate Payless Shoes on a mall map – or that the US Department of Education thinks that everyone should know who Richard Hatch is…

…OR the fact that I read THE ONION on my feeds and took it as real…. Seriously, I wondered how this could possibly be serious but still wrote the piece. Damn, how embarrassing. Could delete this post right now, but meh, read on and enjoy a good laugh X2. Promise, next time I’ll be a little more ‘thorough’ in the research;)

The study, which surveyed 200 consumers, has raised a number of troubling questions about the public’s grasp of basic mall geography, its ability to identify key regional chains, and its awareness of the diverse brands and logos that make up today’s world.

The whole article makes it seem so depressing that the Americans can’t find brands, famous stores…even stating:

“With each passing year, more Americans struggle to identify important national figures, like Survivor winner Richard Hatch, and lose the ability to think critically, such as when ordering from the Taco Bell value menu,” Spellings said. “By the time our young people reach adulthood, there may be no one left with the expertise necessary to elect our nation’s next American Idol.”

Oh my…. I have only the faintest idea who Richard Hatch is (I don’t watch reality TV and skip that part of the ‘news’)… and I don’t know all of the ‘big chain stores’ so well – although if the map was in front of me, I’m sure I’d find it;) So is that how you’re going to measure my education?

The whole point of the article is that Americans (and most likely Canadians too) are losing the ability to do basic knowledge skills (location mapping, arithmetic, spelling) – and that, IS a SERIOUS issue.

but c’mon forget about Survivor and American Idol for a minute… I’m more worried when I hear that Americans can’t find their own country on a map (or they refer to Canada as their “neighbour to the south”…)




3 thoughts on “Can’t locate Payless Shoes?

  1. Trent says:

    You know that the Onion is a satirical website, right?

  2. mattroberts says:

    gotta love the onion.

  3. Jay Godse says:

    Jay Leno said it best. If you want Americans to be able to find the Canadian border…bring back the draft!

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