The milk bag boys

I wanted to write another post about Wal-Mart going green (which is making it harder for me to hate it…) but I’ll have to do that later.

For now, what I absolutely must show my international readers is this:


Yes my friends, we drink our milk from bags!

(Loved the dancing at the beginning and the Canadian toque!)

When reduced packaging is all the rage now, I have to say I’m quite proud that this is what I grew up with.  Yes you can say what you want about it still being plastic etc., but at the end of the day, it uses less energy to produce a small bag than a carton (with the numerous materials that go into it) and takes up much less space when it goes to the landfill.

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9 thoughts on “The milk bag boys

  1. Trent says:

    Way too cool. We were psyched when we found local milk with returnable glass containers at a local farmer’s market here in NYC.

    Milk bags look even cooler. Do you really have them in Ottawa?

    And the kids ended with Iron Maiden. Love it.

  2. Hendrik says:

    As I was living in Honduras and on my travels through Central America I too encountered these bags of milk. I find them a bit odd, but if you just pour them at home in a pitcher and you’re set. I think we’re still waiting for them for a while in Europe, as TetraPak has a strong presence here. Don’t know if I would buy them, as I would be more up for re-useable glass bottles.

  3. janeporter says:


    Thanks for the comment – good to see another CEMer in the blogosphere!

    In Honduras, did they have the milk container though? And where do you get the reusable glass bottles here?

  4. Hendrik says:

    Moikka Jane,

    in Honduras they did not have milk containers – all milk was sold in bags. And its the same in the rest of CA where I travelled. In one of your links above I read a post that milk bags are also used in South America since decades.

    Re-useable glass bottles in Jkl, I don’t know. You could try Ekolo or ask them if they know.

  5. Ritva says:

    Milk bags?! I learn something every day – what a cool concept! How come it hasn’t caught on state-side?

    I have to ask …. how are milk bags stored on shelves and transported? I imagine they are not so easy to stack…. 😉

    mukavaa viikonloppua!

  6. janeporter says:

    They’re stored in 4L bags with 3 milk bags in each. I have never seen a bag break, so I guess the transport is fine;) (the 4L bags sit upright in crates at the grocery store).

    Haha, funny.. never thought I’d be explaining something so banal;)

  7. Kat Middleton says:

    AND you can reuse them as bags for lunches like we did in high school Porter. Or at least I did.

  8. Avery Henderson says:

    That’s one thing I just figure everbody knows about…. biZARRE!

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