The amazing drying act!

There’s something I’ve been meaning to blog about for a while now…

THE DRYING CUPBOARD! (tai, astiankuivauskaappi in Finnish)

The first time I came to Finland I was in awe at the simplicity of this commonplace object.

Let’s face it, we’ve all had to do dishes at some point or another. And for those of us who don’t have a dishwater (i.e. most students) it can be a pain. Washing the dishes at my grandma’s house we’d divvy up the tasks:

  • Someone washes
  • Someone dries
  • Someone puts away

But here it’s so much easier with the help of this:

Wash, and stick in the cupboard, close the cupboard and let drip dry over the sink. I don’t dry and it’s my storage.

Every single kitchen in Finland has this and yet amazingly this idea hasn’t spread to many other countries. For those building new or renovating their kitchens, c’mon, give it a try!

Such a simple, yet effective solution.

Save time
Save space
Save energy (if you don’t use the dishwasher and just physical energy if you’re hand-drying!

When I come back to Canada I’m bringing the sauna and the astiankuivauskaappi with me;) (of course not literally…)

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5 thoughts on “The amazing drying act!

  1. Hendrik says:

    How I miss the astiankuivauskaappi here in Spain. Seriously one of the best inventions coming from Finland. Cheap and practical, I too wonder why it hasn’t spread yet further.

    Nice pic of your kitchen, btw 😉 Roninmäki?

  2. Jane Porter says:

    haha… no, wrote the post at school so didn’t have a pic of mine. It was from wikicommons…

    but, for that sake, I think i’ll do a pic of my kitchen now that i’m home;) haha, mine is cleaner!

  3. Kat Middleton says:

    i just had a life changing moment. that is the coolest thing i think i’ve ever seen. save money, save time, save water. and it could even look cool if only it came in neon colours.

  4. Hi

    Please join our Facebook fan Group for “Astiankuivauskaappi / Tiskikaappi”

    This great timesaving practical simple female invention by Maiju Gebhard has become a standard in Finnish households since 1944,

    but there are also some news about the patent in USA & Canada already 1931 & 1932 by Louise R. Krause.

  5. Sakari Kestinen says:

    “When I come back to Canada I’m bringing the sauna and the astiankuivauskaappi with me;) (of course not literally…)”

    Why not? Just saw off the normal racks and install these instead!

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