Energy in Turkey

One of the reasons there was a long haul between posts was because I went on holiday in Turkey with a couple close friends.

It was great; sunny, cheap (for the most part) and of course, relaxing.

We went to Alanya, which is a very touristy place on the Mediterranean. Would have loved to go to Istanbul (what a history!), but I’ve promised myself that I’ll be back to do a real exploration trip in Turkey; this was just a relaxing holiday. A very Finnish place too… amazing how many Turkish people spoke some Finn; “Terve Terve!” followed us everywhere due to my friend’s blonde hair. Everyone spoke Turkish to me because apparently I have a very ‘Turkish’ look;) (Guess my Finnish/Scottish/Chinese background could be interpreted in so many ways….)

But keeping in tune with this blog, thought I’d share a few interesting points about the energy supply in Turkey.

We experienced several blackouts throughout the trip. In the hotel, in the restaurants, in the Turkish Hamam (wonderful experience- I highly recommend the Turkish baths to anyone!) etc.

I found this interesting, especially due to the fact that renewable energy and conservation practices seemed to be well implemented:

  • hotel was powered by solar panels
  • all bathrooms had motion sensor lights
  • you could only get energy in the room if you put the key in a slot (see pic below)

This combined with power outages made me question the country’s energy supply.

As it turns out, Turkey is the “silk road of the 21st century” with almost 4% of the world’s daily oil consumption shipped through the country; transporting Caspian oil and gas reserves to Western markets.

But, like most countries, they’re finding it hard to deal with the rising oil prices and a dependency on foreign energy supplies.

They’re expected to face more shortages in the near future.

It was great to visit a new country though. Lots of welcoming people … was offered plenty of apple tea! There’s me at one of the markets. Supposedly, you can get the price down to 1/3 of the offered price… wasn’t always the case, but should get at least half!


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