Welcome to Academia

Big journey ahead… my thesis.

I’m sure I’ll write a bit about the ups and downs of writing a thesis. I haven’t quite dug into it yet, although, have to say it is a most interesting topic, of which I’ll share at some point.

I’m now just reading. And reading. And most likely, I’ll just continue to read.

The world of academic journal articles is not new to me – this is my 5th year of university.  But wow, sometimes… you wonder what language they’re using!

I remember reading one article while I was at Carleton about “export market selection”. The authors argued that “international market selection” methods should be used but ‘paradoxically’, small business owners do not use the models….

Interesting… some academic writes a paper, using a language quite incomprehensible for the average small business owner (who by the way, how many small business owners have time to flip through journal articles?) and they wonder why there’s a paradox?

I concluded my paper, using the ever so academic writing style, as follows:

“… Even though there is a general agreement that normative IMS models are rarely used by everyday managers (Brewer, 2001), researchers continue to provide complex models for what seems to be for the sake of adding to the literature. It is suggested that this gap is largely related to the IMS Paradox. … It is realized that the marketing literature is meant for academic journals and so the quality of information should not be limited to simplified and basic models as that defeats the purpose of the intellectual world. At the same time, however, the models are clearly made for the business world and so one would think that they should be marketed as such.”

Hehe, that paper still makes me smile:)

Nevertheless, I am finding it more enjoyable now than I did years ago. That being said, PLEASE stop me if my blogs start becoming exceedingly verbose;)

AND.. should be thankful – at least it’s not legalese!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Academia

  1. katia says:

    yeah Jane, once again you have touched topical issue, the one so much discussed and still far away from being solved. The declared collaboration between business and academic worlds remains on rhetorical level instead of benefiting both sides and broader society. Researches (those results do not appeal to real world entrepreneurs), conferences, busines clusters or international students’ competitions like John Malson won’t work untill mutual intersts and values of both communities different in their nature and underlying rationality are aunderstood and achieved. Yeah, and it is a challenge for nowadays business student!

  2. janeporter says:


    Good to hear from you!

    You’re exactly right. We all live in silos.

    Funny that I didn’t make this connection before, but the work I’m doing now strives to fix this gap. Essentially putting more business people into academic research (to make it relevant) and more students/researchers into practical business areas. There’s a huge need for the cross-overs!

    You’re gone now I guess though eh? Sorry we didn’t get together before you left. You’re always welcome for a visit if you just want to come back to the lakes for the summer:)

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