When ‘going green’ isn’t such a good idea

I’m talking about green lawns.

Turns out that “US lawns are as big as New York state”.

A disturbing fact that goes with that, according to the EPA:

Environmental Protection Agency, nearly a third of all residential water use in the United States currently goes toward landscaping.

It’s all just part of our unsustainable suburb make-up. Who wants to have the weedy brownish lawn on the street next to all the perfectly manicured, bright green lawns?

Actually just saw a clip on BBC the other day about the problem of ‘going green’ in the middle of the desert. The sin city of all sin cities, Las Vegas, is now trying to curb its water use due to its longstanding drought, overconsumption, and depleting reservoir…. they actually have some pretty funny commercials about dwellers getting upset with the people who water their lawns (unfortunately can’t find it on youtube right now.. but it’s out there i’m sure.)

Thankfully, I never grew up with having to water the lawn, for a couple of reasons:

1. We were on limited water supply (well) – we’d watch our daily consumption quite regularly (i.e. don’t take a long shower, maximize dishwasher/laundry loads etc.

2. We mostly had moss on the front… haha (my parents won’t be happy with this post!) but seriously, looked like grass, it was green 🙂

I once had this conversation with a friend of a friend about starting businesses. He told me that he wanted to get into the landscaping business. I told him that what I think we need more of is ‘eco-landscaping’ – you know, choosing the right kind of plants that will require less watering, ones that have some kind of extra benefit (health, bug deterrent etc.). I thought he understood me and then he went “yeah, exactly… but I was thinking more about.. PONDS! Think about it, don’t people need more ponds?!?” I didn’t know what to say, and didn’t want to totally crush his business idea over beers, so just went, “ahhh… yeah…. ponds…. ”

So, I think that we need to take a second look at what our ‘natural yard’ intake is on the resources. How often do you need to water it? Do you use pesticides? What other ways could you have a beautiful yard but use less resources? More rocks? More of a ‘wild flower’ look?

Most likely, it’ll save you time, save you energy, save you water, save you from pesticides and in general, it will take us one step closer to saving this planet.


One thought on “When ‘going green’ isn’t such a good idea

  1. You’ve been in Finland too long. They’re poor taste in gardens is rubbing off on you.


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