The ridiculousness of Facebook

Still love it but saw this on my friend’s blog and made me laugh so hard…



On another note, great weekend here in Jyväskylä – the Neste Oil Rally was here although can’t say I enjoy hearing loud cars (seems like even the non-racers want to join in…) the city was alive and colourful:)

Probably one of the funniest moments was watching two drunk Finns tackle each other on the main street in Sumo outfits (like a carnival game)- naked – then proceed to get out of the sumo outfit and continue wrestling naked on the street…  That’s the funny thing about the Finns, sometimes extremely quiet and shy, but when the opportunity comes, completely willing to drop the clothes (ala sauna) – and especially, once alcohol is involved, the shyness disappears fast!

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2 thoughts on “The ridiculousness of Facebook

  1. Avery Henderson says:

    Jane, this video just reminded me of something I saw on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, so I went searching for it… check it out!

  2. janeporter says:

    thanks avery:)

    yeah.. kinda creepy when you look at this way eh? weird…

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