Looking forward to a cleaner Ontario

Ontario, my home province in Canada, is making me proud.

Lots of renewable energy investments going on in the region. Enough so that we’re making waves in California – the mecca of tech (and now cleantech).

So, while the West tries to beat out the (enormous) amount of bitumen from the tar sands (profitable sure, sustainable, not at all), I like how Ontario is positioning itself.  A good question now would be what the government is doing towards smaller generating renewable power for the First Nations up north, where access to the grid is limited. Also, maybe we need to do a little bit more in terms of conservation… looks like Canadians in general aren’t so happy with government action in this regard.

Remember, both US Presidential Candidates are pretty pro-environment.  (Although Cleantech investors back Obama over McCain six to one). So, once the policies come in – companies who are ready to pounce will benefit.

The winds are changing…

And on that topic, the winds are changing here. It all of a sudden feels like Fall. But, I’ll be home in less than two weeks (first time since I left for Finland last Aug) and I couldn’t be more excited.

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2 thoughts on “Looking forward to a cleaner Ontario

  1. deanjbaker says:

    good to see, thanks

  2. janeporter says:

    agreed and thanks for the comment. Took a look over at your blog. Very interesting and it makes me realize that I need to stretch my artistic abilities…

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