confessions of a font b&tch

Another post that has nothing to do about environment etc, but thought I’d share anyways.

There’s an article about fonts (yes, as in word processing etc.) in the National Post that made me laugh.  I’ve  tried to explain to friends my love for nice fonts but usually to no avail.

They don’t seem to understand my disdain for Times New Roman (I try to boycott with Arial sometimes, but even then, can’t say I’m a huge fan of Arial) or my new found love for Calibri (read the article – that’s where I started to laugh) or my fixation of playing around with caps, small caps, lowercase (my favourite), character spacing,  etc.

This is embarrassing but I often judge a company on its font choice. If you’re going to market a product/store and you choose an ugly font, chances are, I won’t pay as much attention to your company.  Yes, just as some people judge a book by its cover, I judge stores by their signage which of course entails their chosen font style.

For instance, in Lyon, I didn’t go into Printemps, a high-end department store, simply because I thought their signs, colour, font, were ugly.  I (wrongly) assumed that it was a ‘cheap’ store because they couldn’t afford better signs. Of course, the first time I went in and saw Christian Dior, Hermes etc. I was a little shocked.  But, it goes to show you that for some people (i.e. me) – fonts do matter and tell a great deal about the word (or company) it represents.

The article ends with:

“A lot of people say, ‘Fonts are the clothes that words wear,‘ and that’s true,” she said. “But type is about more than just making things look pretty on a page. It’s about making it so the meaning of the word comes through.”

Couldn’t agree more.

I love to think about the big picture (as this blog usually portrays) but sometimes, well, it’s all about the small details.

I guess you’ll never shake the marketer out of me;)

Stellar Classic SG Regular

Stellar Classic SG Regular - a nice 30s choice

my current favourite

my current favourite

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6 thoughts on “confessions of a font b&tch

  1. My sister, her husband and I are sitting here in “greater metropolitan Toivakka” where the internet is working! My sister says “I’m totally with you!” and suggests caslon, bodoni and anything by Hermann Zapf. Her husband votes for Geneva and I have to be diplomatic and say that it depends on the situation, BUT being restricted to Times New Roman in our scientific publications and Simon Seminar for the the thesis and related papers sure is a bummer… wouldn’t life as a prof be more interesting if students could pick their own font? :~)
    terkkuja Toivakasta!

  2. I’m a big Calibri fan as well. Did you know you can adjust your browser, so that any “default” fonts are displayed as a font of your choice, rather than the default.

  3. i use TAHOMA font for default but calibri is so small

  4. janeporter says:

    Wow, definitely not alone on this;)

    Ritva – “the greater metropolitan area of Toivakka” – so are you by that one lil k-market then? haha…

    matt… i interupted my meeting with my colleague to watch the video (not an important meeting;) – i love the wingdings guy! bahah.. my colleague didn’t quite understand why i was laughing..

    jonathan – will check it out. kiitos!

    cheap prices stores- good call, i like twcent too.

    and now, i have successfully wasted too much time on checking out the various new favourites. . .

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