Confusion in Canada…reform in voting needed?

I’ve been pretty busy and sigh, neglecting my feeds somewhat…

But my, what an exciting (and completely embarrassing) time in Canadian politics!

Our three other major parties: Liberal, NDP & Bloc Quebecois (the separatist party)have now joined forces to take over our minortiy conservative gov’t.

The one thing they have in common is that they want the Conservatives out. Other than that, NDP has been hating on the Liberals more than any other party for a while and both of them have joined with a separatist party… interesting indeed… And, this seems like a shot gun wedding in my opinion. When/if they do take over, do you really think they’ll know how to govern our country?

(There’s a lot more here that i’m not including, but there’s plenty to read if you’re interested!)


Do you think that maybe its our electoral system that doesn’t work?

We work on the “first past the post” (FPTP) system. This, plurality voting is used in 43 of the 191 countries in the United Nations, so we’re not alone here.. but there’s no surprise that there are problems associated with this. Read here.

An example…

When I vote, I have to choose who I’d vote for at my constituency level (I don’t even live there, so I chose one riding in Ottawa).  I really only paid attention to the National level – but I’m forced to choose at the riding level.

So, the election result is not representational about how many people voted for our Leader, its how many “seats” a party wins through the ridings and majority wins. If you were to recount the votes through proportional representation, you’d get a very different outcome.

I have to get back to work, but this is stupid. I think I hate all of the parties.

Lets reform how we do this so our contry can stop looking so immature.

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7 thoughts on “Confusion in Canada…reform in voting needed?

  1. Wayne Smith says:

    A lot of Canadians are getting a lightning education in the mechanics of parliamentary democracy as we speak, including, apparently, the Prime Minister .

    You and your readers can find out more about proportional representation and fair voting reform from a Canadian perspective at the website of Fair Vote Canada at http://www.FairVote.Ca.

    On the Publications page, you will find links to lots more interesting reading on this topic.

  2. mattroberts says:

    Considering Ontario rejected this in the last election I don’t think proportional representation has any chance of being considered. and the present annoyance of unwieldy group of center left groups is certainly not making things more stable. Including Separatists in any Government is just a non starter.

    Ironic that when the liberals won a majority with less of the popular vote than the conservatives in the last election. You didn’t hear a call for electoral reform only when the left looses do you hear such a rallying cry. So with an FPinfomart search – there’s no discussion about this in 1993 when the PC party had 16% of the vote but 2 seats in parliament. or when the center right parties had 30+%(1997) or of the vote in 2000 when the PC & Reforms Popular vote was higher than the liberals.

    This is always brought up when the left looses.

  3. janeporter says:

    Thanks, interesting point that I didn’t know about.

    I’m still sticking to my point.

    Not as a sad loser on the left but just as a concerned citizen in general. If I was the former, I’d be all for this coalition;)

  4. Jonathan says:

    I’ve been calling for electoral reform in Canada ever since I was eligible to vote there. But I’m biased, because New Zealand (home country) moved to MMP in 1999.
    The first past the post system seems so backwards to me. Honestly.
    Regarding the MMP referendum in Ontario, that was a joke. NO ONE knew about it, and no one knew what MMP was, unless they were already interested in electoral reform, so those pushing the referendum failed to get the message out in any case.

    I’m going to keep my eye on those sites recommended in the comments. Fun times…

  5. Jonathan says:

    For the record, I didn’t vote for the left 😉

    I really wanted to spoil my ballot in this election, but seeing as Canada doesn’t statistically record those, which it should, there’s no point.

  6. Avery Henderson says:

    Harper was just on CBC Radio right now mentioning how the governor general granted a prorogue to parliament. Personally, I think it’s a good thing. The Liberals and NDP are spending so much more time working on this coalition than the economic crisis, while Dion basically sees this as a loophole to be PM. He said he was going to step down as Liberal leader, then all of a sudden he’s jumping at the chance to do this. I just watched the address that Harper made last night as well, and I really hope that his budgetary plan works out, because not that he’s prorogued parliament, he better not mess this up!

  7. janeporter says:

    for some reason wordpress wasn’t allowing some comments to go through. I got this one through email. good point, kiitos Bill!

    Politicians have big egos. We are watching playground bullies. Harper doesn’t understand a parliament is about talking and compromise not about killing the opposition however you can. It’s brinkmanship and noone can back down. The opposition is just as dumb with their coalition. They want power and won’t back off. Didn’t I just vote? I don’t need to do it again. The economy needs help. Where are the leaders?

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