global climate – local responsibility?

Still on this local theme here.

When I read things like this it makes me realize how much waste is going into national/international scale projects when all of that might be better going into local projects that make real change.

I’ve already talked about my lack of interest in the global warming debate simply because I don’t really care too much about EMISSIONS and CO2.  I believe that it’s bad and we’re destroying the world with fossil fuel use, it’s just that I see it as a much more holistic problem. It’s everything! Don’t just focus on one aspect.

Anyways, what if a lot more money just  went to the local economy’s for setting up better biowaste management (methane gas in the landfill is a big source of co2),  microgeneration plants (no big power plants), better transit, better care for the local agriculture etc?

Give the power to the municipalities and hold them to change and maybe we’ll see some more action.

Better yet, make a “national” campaign to enable the communities to compete with each other. People know what’s going on in their cities/towns usually more so than the whole country. Put up a campaign where the people can get involved and hold their local mayors etc. accountable – more you do, more money you can get for changing your community. Get people working together at that level and then in the newspapers have some kind of rating system of who’s doing what.

Make sense? Just a thought while drinking my morning coffee:)

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4 thoughts on “global climate – local responsibility?

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  3. […] more I think about it though, more power (and responsibility)  should be directed to cities for putting us on a […]

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