Serious news. MTV is changing its tune & The Buried Life is surfacing

Wow. Just wow.

I wrote my plea for MTV last year.

You have incredible powers to make change happen. To tell people to give a damn.  To make people feel. To instill better values as a society.

Please, use your power and creativity to smarten up our generation… not dumb us down.

And now…


“Meet MTV for the era of Obama. After years of celebrating wealth, celebrity and the vapid excesses of youth, MTV is trying to gloss its escapist entertainment with a veneer of positive social messages.

And who’s going to be the flagship show?

The Buried Life.

These four guys “travel the globe in a purple transit bus to complete a list of ‘100 things to do before you die’ and to help and encourage others to go after their own lists.” I’ve watched some of their episodes online as my close friend here is good friends with the guys from his days at McGill.  Extremely cool and moving.

I’ve said this before, but many people (especially in MTV’s target age category) are stuck in a rut.

“What to do with my life?” “Where do I fit?” “Is this it?”

I just had 2 friends tell me they were living the quarterlife crisis.  Not for all cases, but MTV’s escapism efforts into the land of riches, bitches and idolizing the materialistic and shallow lifestyles has surely only exasperated the movement of “feeling nothing”.

I don’t expect MTV to completely shift overnight and they won’t, but I welcome this moral & strategic shift like a breath of fresh spring air:)

For all those (no matter what age) wonder “is this it?”  Stay tuned for the Buried Life airing (tentatively) on MTV on July 20th worldwide. And, while waiting, take a look at their website and why not start your own list… Makes me realize, why I haven’t made one yet? Note to self, start one today:)


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One thought on “Serious news. MTV is changing its tune & The Buried Life is surfacing

  1. […] night The Buried Life premiered on MTV.  I’ve been following these guys for a couple years now  (good friends of  a good friend)  and just amazed at how far […]

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