More on “bridge building”

And while we’re pontifexing…

Let’s build some bridges between:


In a most gentle way, we’ve got some issues fellow Earthlings. I blog about them frequently (although not recently)…

How we move, how we eat, how we think, how we share (or don’t), how we consume…. They’re all major complex problems that are leading us to our own destruction. (Sorry to be a doomsayer, but look at trends!) By not looking at the BIG picture (often due to the lack of bridges mentioned in last post), we don’t see how these problems are interlinked and how we can get to the root causes.

When I say work opportunities, I mean that we need to use our productive working time on figuring out how to solve these issues. What you decide to do with your life matters to all of us (idea behind the jyu talks event)

We’ve got a lot of work to do and it doesn’t help when we leave it to our spare time to volunteer or donate here and there to “a cause”. We need to WORK. And we need to build bridges to make those jobs available.

So, who wants to ‘pontifex’ with me?

Seriously, I’m planning an event for Net Impact Central Finland, Global Venture Lab, Social Entrepreneurship Assoc. etc… all on this theme. If interested in building some bridges, and you’re in Jyväskylä area September 22, let me know and I’ll give you the details…


One thought on “More on “bridge building”

  1. A way to go, then the bridges.

    The blind forces of market are leading us to the border of the economic cliff, because we have been blind consumers. As Daniel Goleman states in his book, Ecological Intelligence (april 2009), a new generation of informed consumers can start a powerful change.

    As these new inquisitive buyers demand a deep research behind what they buy, they open a huge field of development to be filled through new bridges over knowlegde from different disciplines.

    Probably consumers alone are not the whole solution, but it seems a strong base to work.
    Here is the article:

    Also, I was thinking about the separation of the academy from the real world. Where now we found a teacher/students relation, in old times there was a master/apprentice relation commited on a real experience, where working limitations posed a need to solve, maybe less limiting than theoretical freedom.

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