Now we’re thinking holistically – New Energy Hubs

Just read this this morning in WorldChanging.  If you haven’t been there yet, a pretty good site at the frontier of sustainable development.


Envision living in a community that offers an abundance of local shopping, services and entertainment. The community is focused on a mobility center well connected to the region with transit and vanpools. The need to drive to work and other destinations is minimized. When you do drive, it is in an electric vehicle charged at your house or a fast charge station located in the mobility center park-and-ride.

Coming from work you stop by a mobility center kiosk to pick up groceries and other items ordered on line. You come home to a super-efficient residence with a smart management system that has adjusted temperatures in anticipation of your arrival. Hot water that heats your home and comes out of your shower head is delivered from a local plant that uses both ground heat and biogas.

Read the rest here.

Now that’s somewhere I could live.  Granted I’d prefer to shop at the local store than online.

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