Imagine if we actually built this city on rock & roll

Perhaps not there yet, but we may be able to at least power one;)

This was just in the Guardian: Pavement power lights up Toulouse: Electricity generated by pedestrians used to illuminate street lights in France’s technology capital

Designers say the section of eight custom-made modules placed in the city centre for a two-week trial period can produce between 50 and 60 watts of electricity to power a nearby street lamp.

It is the first time the modules – unveiled to the world by Dutch company Sustainable Dance Club (SDC) for use in nightclubs – have been tested on the street. For Alexandre Marciel, the city’s deputy mayor in charge of sustainable development, the new function is potentially ground-breaking.

…Embedded with microsensors which produce energy when people move over them, the modules seemed to Marciel to provide an unprecedented opportunity to alter how cities save and produce energy.

The Sustainable Dance Club has been one of my favourite examples of sustainable design.

So cool. Enviu “innovators in sustainability”, is the org that helped get SDC off the ground.  Definitely a cool company to watch – spend some time on their website, you’ll be impressed.

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