My meat minimalist idea is catching on and some more videos on FOOD

Before I go forth and extol the virtues of eating less meat, I have to say I’ve been pretty bad this summer now that I’ve been living with family. Summer bbqs are just such a treat! Hopefully this post will get me back on track.

Graham Hill, Treehugger founder suggested a similar diet – the Weekday Veg. It was that inspiring, but to be honest, I like my “meat minimalist regime more.

This one, by a New York Times food critic, describes much of the same but describes “what’s wrong with what we eat”.

And if you’re still in the TED groove, stay to watch Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize wish on teaching kids about food. A simple but powerful idea.

After all these videos, I am so  lucky to have had a childhood with home cooked meals, fresh veggies from my Grandpa’s garden. My mom prides herself in the fact that we never once served Campbell’s soup:)

Happy to say that I still stay far away from those foods.

It seems to be the summer of TED…


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