Mass collaboration for problems worth solving

Mass collaboration on problems worth solving is something I’m quite passionate about (my work with GVL was just one example).  Our global problems are so complex that not one person in one field can attempt to solve them. We need minds from very different fields with very different approaches to work together. This is why the design phase of coming up with solutions (be it for products or global challenges) is so essential.  We also need to use “weak links” to help get the best solution.

Here are a couple cool open collaboration platforms that are working on changing the world:

OPEN IDEO “Where people design better, together”

I have long been a fan of IDEO – one of the world’s brightest global design consultancy firms. Aside from seeing them on TED (of course – they’d be the big D of TED), some of their designers came to the HUB Helsinki pop-up opening last year and brought people through the design phase of opening up the social entrepreneurship HUB – very cool to watch them in action.

So.. I was excited to see that they opened up their very cool processes to the public.  You wanna work with IDEO? (Won’t lie.. I do), sign up for OPEN IDEO – where you can become part of the design phase and get recognized.

One Billion Minds

I met the founder a couple years ago in India, very cool company for youth.

…open innovation platform connecting Students and Alumni from top universities to Corporations and Non Profits looking to discover innovative solutions to challenging problems in Business, Technology and Social Innovation.

Actually quite cool to see how far its come. Sanjukt was just telling us the idea when I saw him last.

When we start looking at the world like everyone can be part of a solution (with rewards included) I think there’s a lot more that can be done out there…

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