Temporary Vegetarian recipes on NYT

Nice to see the meat minimalist/weekday veg/temporary vegetarian method go mainstream on NYT.

One thing I like about cooking vegetarian meals is it forces me try out new vegetables.  For example, on Friday I cooked a fennel and asparagus risotto with a side of sauteed rapini with white wine mushrooms for my sister and her husband. Delicious way to start the weekend.

I have to add, we ended the weekend with a wonderful lamb shoulder roast last night. My brother-in-law bought half a lamb from a local farm.  Amazing.

I’m a big fan of the bitter leafy greens.  Think I’ll try this swiss chard torta from NYT tonight.

Rereading this post, I’m impressed with myself. For someone who isn’t the greatest cook, I’m sure eating well:)

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One thought on “Temporary Vegetarian recipes on NYT

  1. Veggie says:

    If you try my veggie burger you wouldn’t even think of ending with roasted lamb shoulder.
    Veggie burger recipe

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