My quarter century, one year on. An update.

Where have I been?  I’ve obviously neglected this old blog that I started back in 2007.  I seem to forget those great evenings while studying, where I’d let my fingers surf the web and allow my mind to just roll….How wonderful it was to get those creative bursts  at night, or those ‘aha’ moments while writing. I guess life just gets in the way sometimes.

And life. Oh, life. Remember this post, written one year ago?

“Now at 25 (in between jobs,  no home, not even a phone! and heading back to Finland in less than a month, for a month) I have given myself exactly 5 years to “figure it out”.

So, here I am at 26. I’ve come a long way from being “SUNK” as I put it. In short:

  • Got a job that I love (working at Stratos – one of Canada’s leading sustainability consultancy firms as a Consultant, focused on proposals & communications)
  • Setting up Hub Ottawa with 5 other fabulous people (incorporated this summer & opening soon!) This deserves a whole post so won’t go on here.
  • Got an apartment (in the heart of Ottawa)
  • Bought a mac & and an iPhone (big step from being phone-less & computer-less one year ago)
  • Fell in love… with Ottawa (I wasn’t so sure I wanted to stay here a year ago. But wow, this city has amazed me. There are so many wonderful things to do and see that I can’t keep up.  From Fashion on Display to Harvest Noir,  I love feeling the vibe of a place – and Ottawa has definitely captured my heart.  As for the other love, that’s happened too but I don’t disclose that kind of information on this blog;)

So, all in all life is busy but very good. I feel like I’m “figuring it out”.

On top of the Sleeping Giant, looking over T-Harbour on a trek this past summer in Thunder Bay.


2 thoughts on “My quarter century, one year on. An update.

  1. That’s really awesome, Jane. Keep blogging!

  2. Welcome HOME we need you here! Great to meet you and be a part of HUB Ottawa and I really like your blog, went trolling for something I could repost cause I’ve been doing some fine procrastinating myself lately and instead got inspired to write about HUBBA HUBBA Ottawa myself but know where to go next time I’m stuck.

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