Welcome to janeporter.ca, a place where I (Jane Porter) contemplate, write and share ideas about making this world more vibrant, healthy and sustainable.

Who am I?

I’m a sustainability consultant in Ottawa. If that doesn’t really make sense to you,  I work in the the field of sustainable business and community development (where people, planet, profits all merge). My passion is about innovating for sustainability and my specialty is about making that happen through thinking BIG, collaborating across networks and facilitating the dialogue.

What’s my story?

Originally from the beautifully isolated town that is “Superior by Nature”, I moved from Thunder Bay, Canada to Ottawa to take my Bachelor of International Business at Carleton University.  After spending one year in France with my program, I was eager to get back to Europe. So, I left for Finland to take my Masters in Corporate Environmental Management. While there I worked full time with Global Venture Lab  which aims to  turn university research and education from local “closed door class room action” into a globally connected “open door problem solving action”. Interesting and forward thinking to say the least.

Now that I’m back in Ottawa, I have started to find my niche.  I work at Stratos, a specialized management consultancy focused on sustainable development, and I’m one of the founding members of Hub Ottawa, part of the global Hub phenomenon with over 5000 social innovators. Hub Ottawa will be an interdisciplinary studio located downtown Ottawa that will help people turn their ideas into actions for a better place, better world. We only started to get real about this idea in February 2011 and we hope to open our doors by the end of 2011. Exciting times!

One thing about me: I love connecting with people. Agree with me? Disagree? I don’t care.  So please, be my guest and leave a comment, start a discussion, or ask me for a coffee if you’re in the area and we can be the nerds that chat about sustainability at Bridgehead:)

If you want to reach me, me(at)janeporter.ca is where you can get me.



View my LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/janeporter

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Brando says:

    Janikens —- awesome blog. Seriously, I’m not even mad, this is amazing. Thought I’d leave you a msg telling you how good it is. Hope work’s goin well and I’ll tty soon.



  2. Adnan C says:

    I work with Brandon and he just directed me to you site. I too like this blog nor am I mad at you.

  3. timmy p says:

    JANE! you are one crazy girl!~

  4. James says:

    Congratulations – I wish I’d had the guts to live out my dream of moving to another country to explore its cultures and lifestyles (and foods!) – great blog, keep up the good work!

  5. jane. im really impressed. seriously, i read this all the time. maybe ill quote you in my next essay. love you 😀

  6. danny bloom says:


    found you via random surfing via DOT EARTH., good blog, neh?

    You are in FINLAND. really? i got a question for yuou, and maybe you
    can blog about this later?

    danny bloom
    from Boston USA in Taiwan forever…


    RE above: have you ever considered POLAR CITIES, google Stephen Leahy IPS article from Toronto on Jan. 2, 2008, AND….could there be polar cities in Finland in year 2121 or so? what’s your take on this?

  7. bibomedia says:


  8. lactatingbookworm says:

    Hi, I’ve just stumbled across your blog and really enjoy it.

  9. […] About ← D’Oh Canada – back to civics class […]

  10. ecemqjyu says:

    Hey Jane,
    Stumbled across your site & am particularly caught by your words ‘what if..’ in global climate – local responsibility. The potential contained within 2 words. It seems youre walking the right path in life. Hey when’s the next Friday film night in Agora? Cheers, Gary

    • janeporter says:


      True true.. what if.. 🙂
      Not quite sure about the next Friday film – i have a meeting at lunch though and the next NI meeting is on Tuesday April 7th.
      Thanks for stopping by… i’m checking the blog for the first time in quite a while (hence the black strip with no picture yet!)
      Anyways we should be having one soon though so see you there!


  11. Georgina says:

    wao! i am glad to find your blog at last. good work, keep it up!

  12. danny says:

    [ LETTER TO THE EDITOR to all major newspapers worldwide]

    Climate change is no joke

    A recent AP wire report reprinted about “climate refugees” in the South Pacific (“Entire Pacific nation could eventually move into Fiji,” March 12) sounded the alarm about the tiny island nation of Kiribati and its fears over climate change and rising sea levels.

    The term “climate refugees” is a fairly recent coinage, created a few years ago by a human immigration and migration expert at the University of Alaska Anchorage, and as time goes on, we are likely to see this term used more and more often in newspaper headlines and articles.

    Could Taiwan’s 23 million people someday end up as climate refugees themselves? The question sounds more like science fiction than anything else, but a few climate scientists at National Taiwan University have already spoken publicly about the issue.

    With Earth Day approaching on April 22, a sci-fi writer from Oklahoma, who I have been in contact with over the past year as part of my Polar Cities Project, will release the first ever “cli-fi” novel about so-called “polar cities” in Alaska, with one of the main characters, Professor Hei Chu, part of his colorful cast of characters.

    The book is titled Polar City Red and was written by Jim Laughter, a retired US Air Force technical writer with a host of sci-fi novels under his belt.

    The story is about climate refugees who have fled to Alaska in some distant future, and while Laughter’s book will not change the world, it is a good thought exercise to give expression to human imagination and emotions about our collective future.

    In his novel, Laughter, a retired grandfather of four, envisions so-called “polar cities” for future survivors of devastating climate change disasters worldwide. While his book is not about Taiwan and does not take place in Taiwan, it could very well be about Taiwan’s future as an island nation with millions of climate refugees who must flee someday to northern climes in some distant future.

    Taiwan is not Kiribati, but people here might want to read Laughter’s novel to peer into the future; not through the lens of science, but through the lens of human imagination and emotions.

    In the end, climate change is not a laughing matter, and Jim Laughter is not laughing.

    Dan Bloom
    This story has been viewed 12,311,342 times.
    OR SO

  13. Cassandra R says:

    Hi Jane,
    So, I found your blog when I searched “HUB Ottawa” and “STRATOS” together, to see if they had any networking connections common to each other, while scoping out future career opportunities. Cool, you are heavily involved with both!
    Then I saw that you studied in Scandinavia, which I REALLY want to do sometime soon. I’ve spent some time in Europe too and am itching to go back, but to do real work.
    THEN, I saw that you are from Thunder Bay …so am I. This is getting weird.
    Now I want to join HUB Ottawa just to shake your hand sometime! Congrats on a great life. 🙂

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