Hub Ottawa

As a Co-Founder/ Community Lead for Hub Ottawa – I have to share!

What is the Hub? 

The Hub is a global business that connects people who have ideas that may just change the world, and gives those people a home. A real, physical space to do the work that needs to be done.  It started in London, UK in 2005 as an answer for all of those people working in their bedrooms, trying to stimulate change. The business model worked – and since then, about 30 other Hubs have popped up all over the world – from Helsinki (where I found out about it) to Madrid, Vienna, San Francisco, Atlanta, Halifax, Sao Paolo, Melbourne, Johannesburg… etc.

We decided to open up a Hub in Ottawa. And we’re on a roll.

Believe you me, this city is ready for it.


You’re invited.

the growing Hub members' wall at Hub Ottawa - 71 Bank St.

One of our Hub Ottawa Community Meetups - I facilitate them every second Sunday! Check out our Facebook page for the updates.

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