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D’Oh Canada – back to civics class

Turns out, I was definitely not the only one.

Most Canadians have no idea what our political system is based on.

Civics was a new class in Ontario when I was in Grade 10. It was half a semester. Perhaps Canadian politics should be a mandatory for all High Schoolers?

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Confusion in Canada…reform in voting needed?

I’ve been pretty busy and sigh, neglecting my feeds somewhat…

But my, what an exciting (and completely embarrassing) time in Canadian politics!

Our three other major parties: Liberal, NDP & Bloc Quebecois (the separatist party)have now joined forces to take over our minortiy conservative gov’t.

The one thing they have in common is that they want the Conservatives out. Other than that, NDP has been hating on the Liberals more than any other party for a while and both of them have joined with a separatist party… interesting indeed… And, this seems like a shot gun wedding in my opinion. When/if they do take over, do you really think they’ll know how to govern our country?

(There’s a lot more here that i’m not including, but there’s plenty to read if you’re interested!)


Do you think that maybe its our electoral system that doesn’t work?

We work on the “first past the post” (FPTP) system. This, plurality voting is used in 43 of the 191 countries in the United Nations, so we’re not alone here.. but there’s no surprise that there are problems associated with this. Read here.

An example…

When I vote, I have to choose who I’d vote for at my constituency level (I don’t even live there, so I chose one riding in Ottawa).  I really only paid attention to the National level – but I’m forced to choose at the riding level.

So, the election result is not representational about how many people voted for our Leader, its how many “seats” a party wins through the ridings and majority wins. If you were to recount the votes through proportional representation, you’d get a very different outcome.

I have to get back to work, but this is stupid. I think I hate all of the parties.

Lets reform how we do this so our contry can stop looking so immature.

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