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When life just works out

Go back a year.

I was done my undergrad and debating really hard what to do with my life. Go to Finland for my Masters? Or, stay in Canada and start my own thing? I’ve had that entrepreneurial itch for a few years at least and after the mesh conference (which I sadly missed this year) I felt like, ready or not, I should just dive into the scary yet exciting startup world.

Fast forward.

I went, totta kai (of course) to Finland.

And I could not have been happier with my choice.

To give whoever reads this blog a hint into what I’m doing this summer (and perhaps for a while after that);

I was offered a job at the University of Jyväskylä to work with an amazing team on spurring growth venturing in Finland (and elsewhere), across disciplines, across fields (researchers, practitioners, students) on ‘problems worth solving’. (It can go a lot deeper than that, but I’ll stick with that for now;)

It hits the key tenets that I’ve been thinking/blogging/dreaming about:

  • Entrepreneurship and access to capital is a must for getting the ball rolling (not just small business entrepreneurship, but high growth, VC field entrepreneurship)
  • Mass collaboration changes everything , ala Wikinomics
  • We need to move into the sustainability age (enough blogs on this topic…)
  • Innovation will play a huge role in fixing yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s problems. But we need to get people thinking about positive innovation. We already have a lot of problems; let’s use our creative skills to fix those, not start new ones.
  • Marketing has an important role to play in getting meaningful messages out – not just the usual “buy buy buy!” message
  • Think global, act local

For the most part, I’ll be writing my thesis this summer and working on some other tasks for the group.

I’ll let out pieces here and there about what’s going on, but in general thought I’d give you an idea about what’s going on in ‘ma vie’.

And, starting off on a good note, I’ll be traveling to Geneva next week to attend the Net Impact Europe Conference. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

Again, love it when life just… works out.

(NB: i am aware of the extreme amount of linkbacks in this post!)

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Business ideas worth spreading

Ok, so I’m still procrastinating with TED.

But  here’s an interesting one (not many that aren’t…) on simple designs that could save millions of childrens’ lives.

These are the kinds of ideas that need to be spread to the entrepreneurs of the world.  I’m sure that VCs can contest that there are enough ‘bad ideas’ out there.  I think that entrepreneurs often have the guts and the motivation to get something moving, but they aren’t always the best innovators and vice versa, the innovators don’t always have the market experience to push something forward.

So, business people take note: these are ideas worth capitalizing on.   

We can argue that the business people are out for money and there’s no money to be made with these low income people. But, there’s plenty of research that says otherwise (i.e. it’s the Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid).

And, I hope that whoever decides to use their energy on these kind of ventures get rewarded for it.  If you can get rich while solving an actual problem, all the power to you:)

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