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Some food for thought

Here’s my part 2 continued from the Chicken Little post. (Sorry, been away for a while… in Turkey (post coming soon) and was trying to figure out summer (another post on that i guess)).

So, a little late in the news… but, about the food shortage. (Late, but still so very pertinent)

For the short term Canada stands to gain. We’re an exporter of cereals, which means our terms of trade will rise. (Won’t go too economic-y on you but this could be seen as a benefit!)

Map showing projected change in global balance of trade

But, this is a global problem and we’re not immune to it.

We’ve distanced ourselves (both geographically and mentally) from the food production that we’ve desensitized ourselves from the problems that happen in the industry –that is until we start seeing huge price changes. Think about it, what’s your personal view on farmers? Do you link the farmers with the salad that you eat at night? Probably not. We just usually buy our groceries at the supermarket and that’s that.

But that has to change at some point. The agricultural industry is not sustainable and it’s affects will hit us at some point if we don’t change… (That’s the meaning of unsustainable!)

So here’s my food for thought of what could/should happen for us in the western world:

  • Buying local will pick up speed (already happening). Wouldn’t it be cool if city vegetable gardening became the norm? At the end of day at the office, go to the roof to pick up some potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes? (less transit, more convenient for the customer, better ventilation for building, more community aspect?)
  • Waste less food – YEAH FOR DOGGY BAGS! A lot of Europeans are against the doggy bag, but if prices go up, food will become more prized, and therefore shouldn’t be wasted. Like Vancouver, bring your own containers to the restaurant (not so chic, but better than Styrofoam!)
    • New link: NYT Americans generate roughly 30 million tons of food waste each year, which is about 12 percent of the total waste stream. All but about 2 percent of that food waste ends up in landfills; by comparison, 62 percent of yard waste is composted.
  • Eat less meat -not asking everyone to become full vegetarians – but wouldn’t it be nice if people reflected on their own eating behaviour to address this issue?

What are your opinions on this? Is there something that we can be doing right now that would address this issue?

Remember, we have the ability to give a damn!

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