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Business ideas worth spreading

Ok, so I’m still procrastinating with TED.

But  here’s an interesting one (not many that aren’t…) on simple designs that could save millions of childrens’ lives.

These are the kinds of ideas that need to be spread to the entrepreneurs of the world.  I’m sure that VCs can contest that there are enough ‘bad ideas’ out there.  I think that entrepreneurs often have the guts and the motivation to get something moving, but they aren’t always the best innovators and vice versa, the innovators don’t always have the market experience to push something forward.

So, business people take note: these are ideas worth capitalizing on.   

We can argue that the business people are out for money and there’s no money to be made with these low income people. But, there’s plenty of research that says otherwise (i.e. it’s the Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid).

And, I hope that whoever decides to use their energy on these kind of ventures get rewarded for it.  If you can get rich while solving an actual problem, all the power to you:)

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