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Elämä on laiffii (re: life)

Ever get the feeling that life is whizzing past you, yet, time is slowing down?

I was just complaining to friends today that by not blogging lately, I feel like a chunk of me is missing – my critical- thinking/know-what’s-going-on/feel-stimulated – chunk. Life has been so packed with ‘things’ that you occasionally forget what’s really important… my thinking out loud on this blog is one of those things.

But, to give the brief update on life:


At work, we launched Global Venture Lab in Finland on March 23rd. I’ve briefly talked about this here but I’m working with a ‘startup’ team at the University of Jyväskylä creating a global platform to grow global businesses – bringing the rich knowledge inside a university out (science of commercialization) and bringing business competence skills in (i.e. bringing serial  entrepreneurs/new companies into the classroom etc.) Oh yeah, main motto is “for problems worth solving” – my passion in those 4 words.

I was the event planner for this launch, which was part of the 9th annual V2C Forum (Venture-to-Capital) which was 2 days longs… and I was  event-coordinator for an event I thought up last year, JYU Talks. (I could go on for a while about this one – so I’ll paste it into a new post to not make this a novel;)

Aside from planning/running about 2 weeks worth of events in the last weeks of March, I also…


Yep, I’m a Masters. Handed in my thesis (eek, almost a month ago) “Growth Venturing for Sustainability” or rather – Conceptual Analysis and Insider’s Empirical Case of Growth Venturing for Sustainability if we want to get real academic;)

All I need to do now is write up a quick acknowledgement letter and get it into a black cover and send it to my sponsors. Exciting task actually – I’ve always loved seeing a finished product.


I’m out of the student ghetto! (Was never in one here in Finland to be honest.. but out of student housing at least). I have my own two-room downtown (ahem, of a tiny city) apartment – complete with a shower which goes over the toilet to save space:) To touch it off, I have new Iittalla wine glasses that make me feel oh so classy cooking dinner, listening to jazz, having friends over. The Finns love their glassware and I’m hooked as well.


Yes, to add to the graduate/move/work-like-mad mode, I turned 24.

I just looked back to my 23 things that I’ve learned (or at least trying to learn…) post. Oh, the wisdom in me 1 year ago… What can I say – still learning;)

That being said, I need to add one more to the list.

24. Toughen up.

I’ve had it fairly easy my whole life – I need to learn how to take some hits;)

Lots going on yet i should listen to #7 more often… life hasn’t been quite balanced… But getting back into writing this post feels like a step in the right direction.

Will post more on my baby – JYU Talks & GVL soon enough.

Oh, and “Elämä on laiffii” just means life is “life” – spoken by a true Finnish hero – Matti Nykänen – the olympic champion & national drunk.  It’s a finnish joke.

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Global Venture Lab

Wow, its been almost a month since my last post. How terrible.

That being said, its been an exciting month. I went home for Xmas, NYC for New Years, went back to Finland to change suitcases and then was off to India for a week. CRAZY.  I’ve had a different bed every night since Jan. 1st!  All of it was amazing, but I have to say that I’m happy to stay put for a little while…

I rarely discuss my work on this blog,but at this point in the game I think its due time.

Yes, I work at the University of Jyväskylä, but what I’m really working towards is building the Global Venture Lab (GVL) (read a bit more about it in my new About page), creating a university-based growth venture platform that brings students into the startup world, and entrepreneurs and experienced business people into the classroom.  But, it’s not just about making universities more entrepreneurial (that’s something that is occuring in many post-secondary institutions right now – incubators are everywhere).  We’re doing it globally.  The founders of the GVL are from JYU (my university),  UC Berkeley,  and the Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur).  (I’ll try to explain it in pieces on this blog so as not to make this one massive post).

We just launched the Global Venture Lab Kharagpur last Thursday in India and, wow, what a reception! Our Finland team was warmly welcomed by IIT and all other officials and organizations that we met through our trip.

I have to say, I bought into this concept when I first heard about it from my boss, Prof. Marko Seppä, back in May when I joined the team. However, I’ve had my ups and downs while trying to wrap my head around this whole concept (it’s not a simple thing we’re creating… it can be pretty abstract – especially when it the beginning phases). But I have to say, that we’re really on to something here.  We presented the GVL to some pretty big players in India and they were thoroughly impressed with what we’re doing and I think there’s a bright future ahead of us.

So, that’s how life (and learning) goes sometimes. You don’t see the whole picture, and the beauty that’s in front of you until you step back and let others in.

As for India… ahh.. Incredible!ndia is right.  The people, the colours, the noise, everything.  It was driving to and from meetings (most snapshots from the car:( ) but I did get a chance to see some of the major attractions.

I’m happy to have made my first step out of the west, and most definitely not my last.

Just a few pics from the last couple weeks.

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