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After Hub Pop Up? The real work begins

Just came back from a meeting on membership packages with Ivy & Vinod. Crazy to think how far we’ve come since last November when I first met Vinod at Bridgehead downtown. I can actually say that I’M AT THE HUB (not just doing Hub stuff somewhere else).

Jason just did the recap on the Pop Up Weekend on the Hub blog so won’t say too much more except  – wow, after all of that hard work – now the real work begins! Haha.

And that’s the difference between planning the one-off events and building a company.  One of the many reasons we’ve heard the Hub is much needed in this city is that there are way too many ‘one-off’ events – where they ‘pop up’ and then disappear for another few months.  Our “pop-up” is leading us to our ‘launch’ in February.

Within the Founding Team we’ve been talking a lot about moving from Founding to Operating – and that’s one giant step. What’s my job moving forward? Well, happy to say that I’ll be managing a lot of the programming (along with the awesome Hub team and Hub volunteers).  My job this week is to take that awesome post-it note wall “A Day/Week/Month/Year in the Hub” and turn it into something tangible. What events will we be hosting for members? For  the public? What kind of events are our members wanting to host in the Hub? How does that work with hours etc.? My brain is buzzing with ideas – will be focusing on that this week. Stay tuned:)

The Hub Programming Wall

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Harvest Noir. Proof that Ottawa is getting sexier.

Who said Ottawa was a boring, unfashionable city?

So much going on in this city I simply can’t keep up. With Hub Ottawa on a roll (very cool TEDxOttawa Creative Actions Mixer we  put on last week), Fashion On Display, Oktoberfest etc…. It’s a crazy place to be!

Yesterday I, along with 700 other daring Ottawans attended  Harvest Noir, our city’s first ever flash mob black-tie picnic at the Museum of Civilisation. It started at 4pm and to be honest,  I only found out the time and location at 3pm!

Harvest Noir - flash mob picnic on Saturday at Museum of Civilisation


But what a sight! Ladies and gentlemen dressed to the nines with elegant nineteenth century black gowns, top hats, black parsols  sitting at beautiful fall decorated tables with mouthwatering locally harvested meals (and I’m talking gourmet meals… one table had roasted legs of lamb). As one party-goer told the Citizen

“It’s absolutely unique in that everybody embraced it 100-per-cent without knowing details in advance, and that’s very not-Ottawa.”

Agreed. More proof that Ottawa is changing for the better.


Harvest Noir & Hub Ottawa

First up, the Hub can’t take any credit for this awesome event…but the organizer, Greg Searle will be one of our Hub 60 Members when we open our doors:)  Greg and I met at the Manx about a month ago and had a fantastic chat about the Hub, Art of Hosting, sustainability consulting, Harvest Noir etc.  As it turns out, we run in the same global circle and share a lot of contacts doing fabulously interesting things around the world.

So what’s the connection with the Hub? The idea for this event was sparked when Greg and his partner happened upon a similar type of event in Montreal, which was originally started in Paris 23 years ago. A very creative, socially innovative idea happens in one part of the world and spreads across to other cities. And that’s the magic of the Hub. Our mission is:

To catalyze and support socially driven ideas, initiatives, and ventures for a better city, better world.

We’re connected with over 30 other Hubs around the world, with 5000+ changemakers like Greg Searle  – and poof! good ideas are transported:)

The spark of social innovation! (Okay, sorry that's uber corny....)

Can’t wait for next year’s Harvest Noir. I’m already thinking of hats:)


My friend Amy Husser and I at the party inside the museum - spectacular!







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