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Rick Mercer goes to the Hoito & sauna in Thunder Bay – a must watch for Finns:)

Oh my, I knew this was coming up but just had a chance to watch. It’s not so much that Rick is even that funny (although he so often is just hilarious) – it’s just so nice to see parts of both my worlds (Tbay & Finland) on the CBC!

Check it out here.

Oh, and ahh.. perhaps I shouldn’t ruin it for the regulars that go to the Hoito (best place for a sunday brunch in Tbay:) – The word hoito in Finland has a whole new meaning now.  The real meaning is “treatment” but it’s now slang for one-night stand.  Pretty funny…

On another note, will have to post soon about what I’m doing here…

Extremely busy with event planning two big events happening on campus in next couple weeks.

Before I blog – check out www.jyutalks.fi (other event – will explain later)

In the meantime, it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m at the office – yes, busy time. But seeing Rick Mercer jump in the snow was a must:)

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That’s where I’ve been for the past 2 weeks, hence the lull in writing as of late.

What a journey though – train from Jyväskylä to Helsinki, fly to Frankfurt, fly to Montreal, bus to Ottawa and after a quick shower, jump in a car and drive to Thunder Bay…. (that last part is a 17hr drive across Ontario for those that don’t quite get the grandeur of the Canadian landscape).

This post is a bit more personal than previous ones, so feel free to skip if you don’t really know me but bear with me, the flow of more stimulating posts will come shortly – just figure I need to recap and reflect on life for a sec before jumping into the news and big issues. (I also am not at all up to date in the world around me at the moment… but I am aware that I should not eat Maple Leaf meats!)

North Shore the journey

For those that love a good road trip, the stretch between Sault Ste. Marie (ON) and Thunder Bay, along the north shore of Lake Superior is not to be missed. What a beautiful drive.  Be sure to stop at the provinical parks (Katherine’s Cove is a definite favourite.) The clear fresh lake to your right, rolling hills and a gorgeous sunset make it one of my favourite places in all of Canada.

Thunder Bay the destination

I grew up here, but I’ve often had this “ew, get me out of here!” feel for the city. (I guess many people have this feeling of wanting to leave – especially in an isolated city like TBay, 7-hour drive to get to a bigger city (100 000+) in every direction – easy to understand the need to get out! But as like most things in life, you don’t appreciate something until you step back from it.

So, this time I went back – I saw things a little differently.  The Sleeping Giant, one of the (controversial) Seven Wonders of Canada is just stunning and the sound of whispering aspen (the trees surrounding my house) is extremely relaxing.  I loved taking saunas and jumping in the lake at  “camp” (not a cottage, cabin or kesämökki), (funny how I’m praising lakes, trees and saunas of Northern Ontario while my current home is in FINLAND!). But I guess the real joy was spending time with my family- complete with great bbqs, good drinks and jazz on our new deck:)

The Sleeping Giant

And I was happy to see that the art scene is picking up a bit with more local art shops.  One thing that I will just never understand though… the lack of PATIOS! I sat at the beautiful marina and was in awe that the bar didn’t really serve alcohol on the patio (we managed it no worries:)  One of my joys in life is having a wine or a beer on a nice patio!!! Get with it Thunder Bay!

I was there for a family wedding and although I won’t elaborate on it here, for those that were there, I’m sure we can all agree that it was beautifully done and full of personal detail.  All the best to the happy couple:)

But, all in all, it was great to be home. The ihearttbay.ca website will be up shortly, and I’ll be sure to let you tbayers know when it happens.

My many homes…

I’ve always loved moving and living in new areas. I love the excitement of dropping my bags, exploring a city, and making a new “home” for myself. I’m usually pretty quick to accept my new surroundings – and I hope to continue doing that for a few more years yet. And hopefully one of those years will be spent outside of the western world. Need to shake it up a bit and get out of my comfort zone! There’s so much to see in this world!

Although I’d like to be more of a global citizen I’m feeling the Canadiana in me a little more as I get older… hence why I just picked up a book “A Short History of Canada” and I’m currently reading one written by a relative, “Life in a Thundering Bay

So, although I have no idea where I’ll end up in life (still could be anywhere) I know where my roots are and I think that that’s important.

But, now to my second home – Ottawa. Patios, here i come!

And next week, to my third home – Finland. Nähdään pian! Mä tuun!

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