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Temporary Vegetarian recipes on NYT

Nice to see the meat minimalist/weekday veg/temporary vegetarian method go mainstream on NYT.

One thing I like about cooking vegetarian meals is it forces me try out new vegetables.  For example, on Friday I cooked a fennel and asparagus risotto with a side of sauteed rapini with white wine mushrooms for my sister and her husband. Delicious way to start the weekend.

I have to add, we ended the weekend with a wonderful lamb shoulder roast last night. My brother-in-law bought half a lamb from a local farm.  Amazing.

I’m a big fan of the bitter leafy greens.  Think I’ll try this swiss chard torta from NYT tonight.

Rereading this post, I’m impressed with myself. For someone who isn’t the greatest cook, I’m sure eating well:)

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Eat your veggies: Part 2

I wrote part 1 last week and was quite happy with the feedback, along with landing on the veg.ca blog the following day. (Kiitos;)

This past week I took the Veggie Challenge and gave up meat completely for one week. Obviously this wasn’t too hard considering I now only eat meat at school or at friends’.

But, I can definitely say that I was happy with the results. I felt healthier, cooked more interesting recipes and overall felt better with myself.

I made potato leek soup, a zucchini/tomato/cheese quiche and bought a lot more interesting veggies/ingredients in general. If I don’t buy meat, I feel as though I can ‘reward’ myself with things like artichokes, nice olives, and more expensive veggies. (Remember, this is ‘reward’ on a student budget!)

Today at school, I “gave in” (well, my week was over) and ate some meat. To be honest, I can say that I didn’t miss it and I kind of wish I hadn’t.

In perfect timing, a friend just gave me this link on “rediscovering the joy of meat”. “The new carnivore is ethical, environmentally-friendly and will eat the whole animal”.

Can’t say I love eating bull testicles, although I do remember passing through Montana with the family when I was a kid during the “Testicle Festival” (omg…they have a website – testyfesty.com – hilarious) but anyways, they have a point. As the person in the article points out: “I eat less meat now than I ever did, but it’s all much better meat.”

That’s it. We don’t all have to be vegetarians and asking people to do it, willingly, won’t happen. But we can just focus on consuming less – much less.

One of my readers made an excellent comment to the last post. He’s about a 90-95% vegetarian. So what if he’s not a ‘real’ vegetarian? When he feels the craving, he’ll give in but it doesn’t happen too often.

I completely agree. I don’t like the “vegetarian – yes or no” attitude. I think that there’s a scale. I’m not going to feel bad every time I eat meat but I’ll work on just eating less.

And then yes, when I do indulge it’ll be great piece of meat – and no, that’s not bull testicles for me;)

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